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Fiber Optic and Communication Cable Installation and Termination

When you need a professional company for fiber optic and communication cable installation and termination, Amps Powerline Inc is the best choice. We have the experience to guide you through all steps of fiber cabling, from initial planning and development to final execution and maintenance.

Allow our seasoned professionals to listen to your needs and plot a perfect fiber optic solution for you. It doesn’t matter what type of fiber optic cabling you’re looking for, the results are the same.

To book a consultation and discuss your fiber optic communication cable installation, give us a call at (204) 774-3554 now!

The Best Fiber Optic Professionals

For a fiber optic cable installation that will provide a reliable communication connection, it’s essential that you find a company with the professional experience to adapt to your situation and conditions. Every fiber optic installation can come with unique problems to address, and without a problem-solving and adaptable team on your side, you may not get a reliable solution.

Amps Powerline Inc hires only the best cabling professionals to work on our projects. To ensure quality across the whole span of the project, we screen our employees to ensure that all project managers, technicians, and customer service representatives are dedicated to providing quality results and client satisfaction. For expert guidance, installation, and cable maintenance, we’re the team to call.

Reach out to us today if you want the top cabling team around!

The Fiber Optic Cable Process

Many of our clients are unsure of what the process for fiber optic cable installation looks like. To give you clarity, here are the steps we follow at Amps Powerline Inc for every fiber optic installation and termination project we undertake.


Every client is looking for different things in their fiber cabling. There are unique requirements depending on the context, different distances, and terrain to install the cable through, and different network designs to keep in mind. In our industry, there is never a single solution that will work for everyone.

That’s why we start every new project with an in-depth consultation with our clients. We will look to understand your needs and design a fiber optic solution, complete with a timeline and cost estimate, to get the job done.

Choosing Equipment

Next, we have to look at your needs and find the equipment type that applies to you the best. We’ll choose the correct fiber cable media and all other components for you, depending on the distance and the budget you’re working with. We have the resources to offer a cabling system that suits your needs exactly.


Once we have decided on the equipment and installation plan, our expert technicians go to work completing the installation and the termination. Our experts are careful to always work on schedule, and are communicative with you throughout the process, ensuring you’re always kept in the loop about the progress of your project.

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Optic Consultation

To get started with your perfect fiber optic communication cable installation and termination from Amps Powerline Inc, book a consultation with our expert team. Call (204) 774-3554 and a member will be happy to schedule a time to discuss the project.

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